5 things couples often forget when planning a wedding

Having been there myself when planning my own, I know it’s impossible to remember to plan everything.
After speaking to a few of the awesome couples I’ve been lucky enough to work with, there are always a few things couples seem to forget about when planning their special day.
Here are the top 5 I’ve found to be the most common!

#1: Remember to actually register

Probably the most important part of the preparation, and something many couples seem to completely overlook! Make sure you go to your local registry office and state your intention to marry each other in plenty of time. If the wedding day comes round and you’ve not left enough time to get a marriage license sorted, you’ll have a big party with all your friends and family without being legally allowed to marry!
Wedding register

#2: Dietary requirements

If neither of you have any dietary requirements, then it’s often easy to forget about this. Thankfully, most venues are absolutely brilliant at catering for this sort of thing, but it’s your responsibility to inform the venue in advance. My advice would be to ask for any dietary requirements with your RSVPs so that they’re all in place super-early.


#3: Somewhere for people to leave cards and gifts

Guests will need somewhere to leave cards and gifts. A word of warning here – I know a couple who got married in a fairly public setting and had some wedding cards stolen, some of which contained cash from their guests! Make sure you have a post-box that’s secured in someway or keep the gift table somewhere in sight at all times, for example next to the top table.


#4: Wear in your shoes

This applies to both brides and grooms! If you’re buying a new pair of shoes to match your beautiful wedding dress or your sharp new suit, the last thing you want is to spend the whole of your wedding day in pain from blisters and sores. Wear your shoes in for a few days before. If they’re new you can just wear them in the house without having to worry about getting them dirty before the big day.
Wedding shoes

#5: Plan some alone time

On my own wedding day, the only time my wife and I had alone was in the wedding car from the ceremony to the reception. This was arguably the most special 20 minutes of the whole day. If your ceremony and reception are in the same place, make sure you plan just a few minutes somewhere where the two of you can have just a few minutes to yourselves.
Bride and groom

BONUS TIP: The night before!

The night before, take a deep breath and relax. You don’t want to have anything left to plan or organise at this stage. It’s likely that family and friends who have travelled a long way to be with you for your wedding will be staying nearby, and it’s lovely to meet up with them for food or drinks. Remember though, get an early night and some decent sleep as the next day will be one of the busiest and best days ever!
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Ed 🙂

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