Why wedding albums are amazing!

When couples tell me how happy they are to receive all their images from the big day, it gives me a real buzz.  But I can’t tell you how much it breaks my heart when brides and grooms just leave their photographs on a hard drive somewhere, hardly ever to be seen again.
After your wedding day, I’d highly recommend freeing your photographs from your computer by having them printed professionally in an album!  Here’s why:
#1: Albums are timeless keepsakes that last for generations
After your wedding day, one of the few things you’ll have left over is your photographs.  Collecting your favourites together in an album allows you to have a memento of the day that will last forever.  Imagine if future generations weren’t able to sit down and look through family photograph albums, just because they’d all been lost on a USB stick somewhere!
#2: There’s no better way to view a photograph than in print
I don’t think I’ve ever met a photographer that would disagree on this one.  Photographs are made to be printed.  Try it for yourself – next time you take an impressive snap on your phone, spend a few pence getting it printed out, then compare it side-by-side – on screen and on the print.  I guarantee you the image will look so much better printed out.  What a shame if you never got to view your wedding photographs in all their printed glory!
#3: It allows you to remember what happened on your wedding day
Albums are a great way of choosing your favourite photographs from your wedding day and using them to tell the story of the day.  I hear from a lot of couples a year after their wedding, when they’ve spent some time on their wedding anniversary looking through their wedding album and relieving all the special moments of the day.
#4: You can’t possibly put all your wedding photos on your wall
As much as I wish you could, it would be absolutely impossible to print and frame every single one of your wedding photos as there’d be no wall space left afterwards!  An album is a great way of keeping lots of your wedding photographs together in print in an easily-accessible format!  Just pop it on your shelf and treat yourself to a little browse when you have a few minutes!
#5: Make sure the wedding photographer you book for your wedding can produce albums for you
This is so important.  In most photographers’ opinions, the quality of high street and online photo printing shops is far less than that of a dedicated professional photographic laboratory.  Where couples order an album through me, I always use a dedicated photographic laboratory based in the UK, who hand make every single album to order.  Your images deserve the very best.
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Ed 🙂

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